Björn Swoboda | MAP Berlin
Björn Swoboda | MAP Berlin

Björn Swoboda

Composer & Sound Designer
  • Logic Pro X

Björn is a composer and sound-designer based in Berlin. His work is defined by a combination of his passion for film and the drive to create an emotive journey for his viewers. In the early days of his career, Björn’s focus was all about gaining perspective. This has led him to work as a strategist at JvM, in consulting at Heimat und also as a director in the duo called MANITU, which he still does to this day. The ability to look beyond standardized boundaries is therefore one of his key strengths. But despite having many interests, Björns big love in life is certainly music and how it interacts with film. He is a keen collaborator and enjoys diversifying his style to achieve the best possible outcome.