Ilja Siebert | MAP Berlin
Ilja Siebert | MAP Berlin
Ilja Siebert | MAP Berlin

Ilja Siebert

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Ilja Siebert is a freelance Editor based in Berlin working in fiction, commercials and music videos alike.
Even at a young age he was fascinated by cinema and films. After graduating as Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication in Stuttgart, Ilja moved to Berlin in order to focus on editing. He took a gig as an in-house editor at FxFactory. This allowed him to work with experienced directors, editors and colorist. During this time Ilja developed his skillset in all the common editing softwares, and of course, collaborates and clients.
So he took the next logical step! Since 2016 he is working as a freelance Editor, which helped him grow as an artist while working with big agencies and post-production facilities. In 2019 he started working on films for the big screen that aired in theaters in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.