Olha Kriukova | MAP Berlin
Olha Kriukova | MAP Berlin
Olha Kriukova | MAP Berlin

Olha Kriukova

  • DaVinci

Olha is a self-taught digital artist with a background in Computer Sciences which has shaped her mind with the analytical approach in addition to the love of fine arts.
By challenging herself to “see” more both in nature and surrounding herself with the best talents in the industry she has developed a style that can be described as off-beat, raw and versatile.
Her work has garnered recognition in Europe and the US. 
Gamme Blanche “Daily” directed by Vincent Groen became a winner of Fashion Films RD and got selected for festivals across Europe. 
Nebula Campaign directed by Natalia Ivanova has caught the attention of London and Milano Fashion Film Festivals. 
Olha currently lives in Barcelona, she is available for color sessions remotely and ready to travel by request.
Olga's aspiration in her career and life is to show the talent and strength of the Ukrainian nation.