Stefan Waehner
Stefan Waehner
Stefan Waehner

Stefan Wähner

Compositing Artist
  • flame
  • Nuke

Born & raised in Germany, Stefan graduated as a „film and media designer“ in 2002 at the Lazi Akademie Stuttgart (Germany).
During a vacation in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), he started his career as a flame artist at Conspiração Filmes in 2003. From 2006 until 2011 he was a flame artist for TV Globo, the largest broadcast network in South America, producing countless novellas and series. During that time he was also part of Globos R&D team exploring 360° digital set extension and stereoscopic compositing for a intern 3D presentation.
Back in Germany he worked as a flame artist at Screencraft Entertainment in Munich. In 2013 he got self-employed and developed as an associate the first falcon camera with two friends and the Fraunhofer Institute. After 3 years Stefan moved back to Brazil and since than he worked as VFX supervisor / producer at Recnov Studios and Casablanca in Rio de Janeiro.
Since 2018 he is back in Germany for a fresh start.