Zé Maria | MAP Berlin
Zé Maria | MAP Berlin
Zé Maria | MAP Berlin

Zé Maria

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Zé Maria is a skilled Portuguese freelance Colorist, based in Berlin.
Having started his career in Lisbon - Portugal, he moved to Munich to study at the University of Television and Film.
During his academic pursuits, Zé Maria continued to color various projects such as commercials, music videos, and student films, allowing him to develop a profound understanding of the unique requirements of each type of production.
To him, color grading is akin to one of his hobbies, woodworking, which involves sanding a piece of furniture meticulously. It demands a methodical approach, using finer and finer grits until the piece is unified and seamless. The final step is applying a finishing oil, which enhances the wood's natural grain, much like how Zé's color grading elevates the visuals of each project.